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C.K.M. squadron 01/11/1943 - 1/2

Escadron C.K.M. 01/11/1943 - 1/2

Rozkosz Franciszek

(03/04/1906 - 10/08/1944)

Boryna Józef

(12/03/1909 - 21/08/1944)

Zając Eugeniusz

(02/06/1911 - 11/08/1944)

Martun Józef Wincenty

(18/07/1911 - 21/08/1944)

Bodanowski Jan

(18/01/1918 - 11/08/1944)

Sobieski Jan

(21/10/1921 - 09/08/1944)

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«Dear sir, Jan Jarmulski (number 80 in the list) worked in the north of France before the war. Being acquainted with the mother of my father-in-law, he brought her a visit when the division liberated Ypres ( Belgium) and even send her a postcard during the campaing in the Netherlands.
We still have the handwritten original postcard.
Unfortunately my father-in-law's mother died yesterday. Which brought my father-in-law to say that he didn't furfill his promise of finding out what happened with Jan Jarmulski. Something his mother requested once.
I'm hoping you could help us out with some more information about Jan Jarmulski so that my father-in-law finaly knows what happened to that Polish soldier his mother talked about.
If Jan Jarmulski died during or after the war, could you let me know when and where? We would be very grateful!
Greetings, Anton Willaert Ypres, Belgium
» - Anton Willaert - 25-09-2014

«Hi Steven, with my mothers help I have been able to identify a number of people on you lists.
Here number 39 Josef Długosz after the war Josef settled in Bradford England, he kept in touch with My Father and we met on a number of occasions.
He also appears on the 1944 list and also on the list of wounded. I believe he was wounded at least twice, possibly more.
» - Mark Nedza - 15-01-2015

«Steven, my mother also mentioned Jerzy Orlik number 69 on this list. I understand he emigrated to the U.S. (Chicago) in the 1950's. He also appears on the 1944 list.» - Mark Nedza - 15-01-2015

«Hello, Jan Jarmulski was my father's uncle. After the war he settled and lived in Perth, Scotland. He died some ten years ago. Greetings, Grzegorz Kerth» - Grzegorz Kerth - 20-09-2017

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