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C.K.M. squadron 01/11/1943 - 2/2

Escadron C.K.M. 01/11/1943 - 2/2

Karasiński Napoleon

(02/06/1915 - 02/06/1985)

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«Greetings, I would like to advise that my fathers name appears on this document...at number 4..Napoleon Karasinski. After the freedom of Breda, my father was stationed in Potsdam for 2 years.The allies did not want the germans to have an other uprisal and so the unit was stationed there-to enforce the Potsdam Agreement. Nowhere do you mention the term The 'Black Brigade' apparently the members of the 1st Polish Panzer Division who were the first to join up in the UK...were awarded this title as some sort of honorarium. My fathers rank at wars end was that of Staff Sargeant. He married my dutch mother...and later moved to Australia-when he realised that he couldnt safely go back to Poland. He died in August 1985 aged 70.» - Caren Engelbrecht-Karasinski - 23-08-2013

«Hi Steven, my father mentioned Lusasz Buczkiewcz (no.50) as "his driver", I'm not sure what he drove but do know that he settled in Breda after the war, marrying the daughter of the family who he was billeted with. I did meet him once when I was very young so have little memory of him.» - Mark Nedza - 15-01-2015

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