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Message of Colonel Diplomé Skibinski following the military operations Breda/Moerdijk - 10 November 1944

Message du Colonel Diplomé Skibinski suite aux opérations militaires Breda/Moerdijk - 10 novembre 1944

3. Infantry Brigade
L. dz J.2695/Op/44
M.p., November 10, 1944

According to the distribution plan.

Following the actions of the 3rd Infantry Brigade in Breda and on the Moerdijk front, the Commander of the Division recommended thanking all the soldiers who took part in this struggle for their spirit of sacrifice and valour.
For my part, I thank all the soldiers of the 3rd Infantry Brigade, the artillerymen of the Division and in particular I thank the 2nd Motorised Artillery Regiment and the 1st Anti-Tank Artillery Regiment, the 10th Motorised Infantry Regiment, the 2nd Armoured Regiment, the 24th Uhlans Regiment, the 10th and 11th Sapper Companies, the 11th Sanitary Company and the 3rd Communication Squadron, for their spirit of sacrifice, their efforts and their sorrows which made it possible to achieve victory.
Brigade Commander
Graduate Colonel

To be read in front of the detachments
/signature illegible/
Distribution :
Heads of the above mentioned units

Translation: Maria Sawicka / Steven Duda

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