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Letter from the President of the Polish Republic - October 5, 1944

Lettre du Président de la République Polonaise - 5 octobre 1944

President of the Republic of Poland
Order No 3

Soldiers of the Polish Military Forces!
The Commander-in-Chief - Major General Tadeusz Komorowski1, sharing the fate of his soldiers of the Warsaw Corps, was taken prisoner by the Germans.
As Commander of the National and Warsaw Fighting Army, under the most difficult conditions, General Komorowski fulfilled his military duty to the end with superhuman strength of mind.
I thank him on behalf of the Republic.
I believe that soon the time will come for his release, that he will take up his duties and will be at your head.

London, 5 October 1944.
President of the Republic of Poland
/-/ Władysław Raczkiewicz

Minister of National Defence
I recommend reading the above order in front of detachments, naval and air divisions.
Minister of National Defence
/ - /M. Kukiel Major General
For true copy
chief of staff
cavalry captain

(Translation: Maria Sawicka - Steven Duda)

1Tadeusz Bór-Komorowski (01/06/1895-24/08/1966) commander-in-chief of the AK (Army of the Interior - Polish Resistance) led the Warsaw Uprising in the summer of 1944. Taken prisoner on 5 October, he was released in May 1945.

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