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Letter from the President of the Polish Republic - October 4, 1944

Lettre du Président de la République Polonaise - 4 octobre 1944

President of the Republic of Poland
Order No 2

Soldiers of the Polish Military Forces!
After a struggle that lasted more than two months Warsaw fell. Mourning has covered your flags and standards in black. Mourning is in your hearts.
Warsaw has fallen, but the struggle for the independence and sovereignty of our nation will last.
Through nine weeks of struggle, rubble, flames and blood, Warsaw has become for the whole world the symbol of an insurmountable and immortal Poland.
Today, as the struggle is extinguished there, your responsibility is greater, fighting on land, sea and in the air with the Allied Forces.
Your victorious armies are not only taking revenge on Warsaw, but are opening the way to it.
Your struggle is approaching the moment when our capital city will rise from its ashes and rubble; and it will be great in its offering of autodafé and immortal glory.
I believe that your hands will not weaken, your will will not falter, you will show yourselves worthy of the fighting countries with this soldier's fidelity, as you have shown in the battles at Monte Cassino, Ancona, near Chambois and Arnhem and in so many other battles, in naval battles and in the air over France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.
The Nation is waiting for you, who are its hope and its love. I believe that God will bless your military actions and our just cause.

London, October 4, 1944.
President of the Republic of Poland /-/ Władysław Raczkiewicz
For true copy
Chief of Staff Stachowicz Cavalry Captain

(Traduction : Steven Duda, from the French translation of Maria Sawicka)

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