Kazimierz Duda C.K.M. Band of Brothers CHRONICLES DOCUMENTS

Rotmistrz - Chapitre 1 : Do broni!

The True Story of a Polish Cavalry Officer
in World War II

1st September 1939, Germany invades Poland.
Polish cavalry second lieutenant Kazimierz Duda is second in command of a mounted reconnaissance platoon. On a mission in southern Poland, the platoon witnesses the arrival of German and Slovak troops. Incessant bombardments, massacre of civilians, the Polish armies resist with all their might against the invaders. Following the death of his captain, Kazimierz takes command of his unit and continues the fight.
The unfailing courage of the Polish soldiers slowed down the advance of the enemy forces, but on 17 September the Soviet army in turn treacherously attacked Poland.

Graphic novel
Publication : September 2018
116 pages
ISBN: 979-10-93255-16-3
. © 2018 - Néreïah éditions
Price: 20€

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LIFE STORIES Scottish Polish Heritage of WWII

Monday 13 March 2017


You will find on this site photos and documents that belonged to my grandfather Kazimierz DUDA, cavalry captain of the C.K.M. squadron (szwadron Ciezkich Karabinów Maszynowych - Independent Heavy Machine Gun Squadron), a unit that was part of the 1st Polish Armoured Division during World War II. These documents are published in order to exchange testimonies, to remember and honour all those with whom he fought.
Steven DUDA