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General Wladyslaw Sikorski - Scotland - Biggar in South Lanarkshire - 30.08.1940

Général Wladyslaw Sikorski - Ecosse - Biggar, South Lanarkshire - 30 août 1940

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«The photo is the presentation of a new standard to the 9th Polish Lancers in the town of Biggar in Lanarkshire. My grandfather was the local Church of Scotland Minster (Lutheran Priest) and was at the ceremony.
On the 31st August 1940, in the town of Biggar new colours from the citizens of Glasgow were presentedby the Lord Provost of Glasgow, (left in photo) Patrick Dollan to the Polish Army.
Present at the ceremony were General Sikorski, PM and C-in-C of Polish Forces and President Raczkiewicz
The students of the needle-work Department of the School of Art, Glasgow contributed to the making of the standard The design featured a Polish Eagle and the Glasgow coat of arms. The old Colours of the Regiment had been destroyed in Warsaw in 1939.The 9th Malopolski Lancers were formedin 1809 and later re-formed in November1918 when Poland won backher independence. The Regiment disbanded at the end of 1947.
After the war the standard was laid up in the Polish Institute and General Sikorski Museum in London.
» - William Rutherford - 10-12-2006

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