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Kazimierz DUDA - Scotland - unknow place - 1944

Kazimierz DUDA - Ecosse - lieu inconnu - 1944

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«I think that the fellow, fourth from the left in the back row sitting down may be my father Kurt Leon Matuszek. Although by 1944 my father was invalided out of the army and was then the Polish Consul or Assistant Consul in Glasgow» - Mike Matson - 05-06-2006

«The soldier in the second row from the back at the far right of the row in front of a man wearing a lighter coloured uniform? My father was Tomasz Choma and I was told he was in the 1st armourmed polish div. He would have been about 40 yrs of age during WW11. He passed away in March 1984 in Australia. I would like any info you can advise me in tracing his background or early years.» - Halina Barnes - 24-01-2011

«Hello, We think that the first man on the left in the fourth row (men behind him are standing) is our grandfather - Tadeusz Pszczoła, born in Lisków, Poland in 1914. He was a soldier in 10th Armoured Cavalry Brig. He often took part in different kinds of courses and it is possible these men were photographed together during one. Regards Marzena» - Marzena - 20-11-2012

«I am sure the man in the second row from the front, third man in from the left was my father Stanislaw Cieszkowski. He died in 1958 when i was six.» - BA - 26-02-2008

«Hi could it be possible to get a copy of this picture as it has my grandad in it second row from bottom third from the left,he was in the polish army his name szymon szatylowicz born 1910 czeremcha he ended up in scotland with the war i have other photo's of him in the army if you would like me to send them to you ? Thanks » - Chris Szatylowicz - 25-03-2008

«My father was Szymon Szatylowicz 16/5/1910. My nephew has found some information. Relatives we did not know existed . I would like to get in touch and perhaps send photos then meet. Yours sicerely» - Maria Hunter - 06-04-2008

«Hi there, I think my father and my uncle are in this picture. My fathers real name was Zygmunt Tydda, but he had a sudinim during the war and my uncle is Bob Wiesneski, not sure of the spelling. They sometimes mentioned training in Fort William, Scotland, but I know for sure my father was trained and operative in the American O.S.S. but in his medal box there is the crest on this unit on a fabric badge. I think they may have served in or with this unit as well.If you need anything else please let me know.Warm Kind Regards» - Edward - 01-06-2008

«Do you know the identity of the soldier second back row extreme left?it looks a lot like my father Ryszard Pach of Lwow» - R. Pach - 22-12-2008

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