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Kazimierz Duda - Johnstone Castle - Scotland -1947

The Polish Resettlement Corps

Kazimierz Duda - Johnstone Castle - Ecosse - 1947

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«The sign over the door is partly visible - Johnstone Castle Club» - Marek - 22-02-2007

«With ref to your photo, Johnstone castle camp, hosted the 24th polish lancers and the 10th polish mounted rifles in 1940 round about august september october time.
A polish engineer company was also billeted at johnstone town hall. Several other british units passed through the camp during the course of the war. after d-day the camp became a prioner of war camp no 188 housing some italians and a large number of germans including poles who served in the wehrmacht.
The last of the prisoners moved out in January 1947 and 2,500 soldiers of the polish resettlement corps arrived. After the poles moved out the camp was handed over to johnstone town council in may 1949 for use as temporary housing.
Could your photo be from the time the polish resettlement corps was in residence ?
» - Douglas Gillespie - 10-05-2013

«The sign partially visible above the door seems to say "Johnstone Castle ..." The castle is at Johnstone, about 14 km west of Glasgow. One claim to fame is that Chopin spent some time there and was almost killed in a carriage accident. The Polish visitors, like K. Duda, would probably have found that interesting.» - John Halucha - 31-03-2013

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