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Order received from General Sosnkowski - 25/08/1944

Ordre reçu du général Sosnkowski - 25/08/1944


Order n°17

The 1st Armored Division under the infallible command of General Maczek covered itself with glory on the fields of Normandy and played a remarkable role in the battle that will remain in the memory of mankind as the most magnificent war operation, crowned by the destruction of the 7th German Army.
The entire Polish Military Forces found themselves in the heat of battle.
After the solitary campaign in September there was France, Norway, then the air battle of London and Great Britain, the naval battles on the Atlantic, those for Egypt and Suez, recently the battle for Rome and now the second French campaign, the battle for Paris and the battle for Venice.
Everywhere Poles are fighting for the freedom of peoples, everywhere Polish soldiers fight without fail, without counting their efforts and wounds, always and everywhere carrying in their hearts and on their lips the words: ...for you Poland, from you Poland...
And here we are today - Warsaw.......... a name that bleeds, that hurts, that is important and highly esteemed, that we will never allow ourselves to forget.
Poland - the only name for which we will be called to account tomorrow.
Soldiers of the 1st Armoured Division!
Your intense and glorious struggles have filled new pages in the history of our fathers.
Together with the heroic armies of our Country, together with our splendid Air Force and our valiant Navy, together with the famous troops of the Second Corps and its Armoured Brigade, your Division recounts the continuous epic of our soldiers which makes possible today the defence of Poland's values and a future that will enrich the source of the nation's morals and multiply the tradition of victorious deeds - a necessary condition for the development of the moral forces of our armies in the future.
In remembering with homage the names of your fallen comrades, I express my feelings of pride and faith.
In the name of my position, I send you my warmest thanks for all you have accomplished so far.

/-/ Sosnkowski
London, 22 August 1944

1st Armored Division
General Staff
No j. 1/25. VIII/ Quartermaster
Major Rosz Dziennego for distribution - Sent - Stewardship Division
Major Diploma

(Translation: Maria Sawicka - Steven Duda)

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