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Last order of Colonel Wieronski - August 25, 1944

Dernier ordre du colonel Wieronski - 25 août 1944

3rd Infantry Brigade
Agenda n°29
R.C. August 25, 1944

Soldiers of the 3rd Infantry Brigade!

The first period of fighting for the liberation of France is over. Your solid military work in the battles from 8 to 22 August resulted in the enemy withdrawing from the pocket, the crushing of the encircled 7th German Army and the decisive defeat of the German detachments in the Chambois sector and hills 262 and 252.
You have accomplished the task commanded by the orders of your leaders, justifying once again in the eyes of the whole world that Polish soldiers fight and will fight everywhere for this just goal: their freedom and the freedom of the Allied nations.
This success has been fully appreciated by your leaders, the Allied Army Command and the Government of the Republic of Poland.
During these struggles we have made the sacrifice of precious Polish blood - many soldiers have died and many others remain wounded in hospitals.
It is a painful loss because during the long period of preparations for our revenge on our oldest enemy we became one big family in the 3rd Infantry Brigade.
I thank you cordially soldiers of the 3rd Infantry Brigade. For your sacred military commitment I say to you: "God will give it back to you! "
As I leave you, transferred by order of our leaders, I thank you for your victory over the enemy, for the sacrifice of your blood for the country, I wish you lasting success on the battlefields until the final victory and our return to the land of free Poland.

Brigade Commander Wieroński

Distribution plan :
As the agenda of Brigade N°5/44

(Translation: Maria Sawicka - Steven Duda)

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