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Kazimierz Duda - Zbigniew Mieczkowski - probably Breda - 1945

From left to right: cavalry captain Kazimierz Duda - unknown - second lieutenant Zbigniew Mieczkowski.

Kazimierz Duda - Zbigniew Mieczkowski - probablement Breda - 1945

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«Hello,my name is Arthur Graaff, I'm a Dutch journalist.I have recognised the flag in the picture on the balcony, it is Dutch. The stripes are horizontal, while the stripes in the French and Belgian flags are vertical. Most probably this is in Breda, also judging by the brickwork. I'll show the picture to a lady who live dthere and let you know.See our site www.oorlog.tk, it is about the war, but in Dutch. On the 29th, we will publish a small item about the liberation of Breda by the Poles.All the best,» - Arthur Graaff - 27-10-2011

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