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1st Polish Armoured Division
Independent Heavy Machine Guns Squadron (CKM)
World War Two

Welcome to the website of cavalry captain Kazimierz Duda

Kazimierz Duda
History of the C.K.M. squadron Chronicles of War Galeries pictures/documents

76 years ago - 4/5/1944
Last order received for Support Weapons Battalion
The true story of a Polish cavalry officer during World War II.

Chapter 1 : Do broni !
September 1, 1939, Germany invades Poland.
Polish cavalry lieutenant Kazimierz Duda is second in command of a horse reconnaissance platoon. On a mission in southern Poland, the platoon witnesses the arrival of German and Slovak troops. Constant bombings, massacre of civilians, the Polish armies resist with all their strength against the invaders. Following the death of his captain, Kazimierz takes command of his unit and continues the fight. The unwavering courage of the Polish soldiers slowed the advance of the enemy forces, but on September 17 the Soviet army attacked Poland.

Graphic novel - 116 pages - French - 20 €
English text version sent by email on demand
Ⓒ Nereiah Editions - 2018

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LIFE STORIES Scottish Polish Heritage of WWII from freshmintstudio on Vimeo.

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Dan L
9th Uhlans & Battle of Wolka Weglowa
Hi, my grandfather was also in the 9th Regiment of Lesser Poland Uhlans at the start of the war. While he didn't say much about his life during the war or before it to my mother, I have found some information. Mainly that he was taken prisoner in the area of Dabrowa (some Polish researchers more or less identified that the actual battle took place just north of Wolka Weglowa) on the date of the battle (September 19th 1939). Would it be possible for you to check if Kaziemierz Duda mentioned a "Kazimierz Janowski" anywhere in his archives of the period? My grandfather's profession at the time was Barber (if that'll help).
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Last identification:
Może łatwiej będzie znaleść jeśli podam nr. legitymacji 1010/46.
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Kazimierz DUDA was a captain of the C.K.M squadron (szwadron Ciezkich Karabinów Maszynowych - Independent Heavy Machine Gun Squadron) in the 1st Polish armoured division during World War II.
The purpose of this web site is to share information about Kazimierz DUDA's pictures and documents, exchange testimonies, recall to memory and honor all the men he fought with.
Steven DUDA
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